About the AGT Trainer, Peter Knoer

Peter Knoer, CFP® (Pete) is the Trainer for Advisor Growth Track, where he serves as coach and mentor to program participants and delivers much of the formal instruction. He has served as a Financial Advisor and Vice President at Bogart Wealth since 2016.

One way to think of AGT is as a process to transition future Financial Advisors from the classroom to a successful career in wealth management. Training is not the end goal, but a means to implant best practices leading to organizational excellence and exceptional client service.

AGT is primarily a hands-on learning experience, like a medical doctor leaving school for an internship that rotates through internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, etc. AGT participants will rotate through client service, financial planning, and investment management before being in a position responsible for overall financial advising. Interspersed with rotational assignments, there are brief periods of formal instruction and testing.

While AGT participants will have a director-level leader responsible for their overall career development (Jason Gulosh, CFP®, Director of Advisory) and a department-level manager responsible for their work direction while in each of the rotations, Pete’s role focuses on skills development, including one-on-one discussions, instruction, and personal coaching.

With a career spanning over 30 years with Exxon and ExxonMobil – one of the top companies that Bogart Wealth serves employees of – Pete has brought a unique perspective to the team. A native of Northern Virginia, Pete earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati before accepting the first of a series of Exxon assignments in Baytown, TX in 1977. His focus on continual education resulted in further advanced degrees in Chemical Engineering, as well as an MBA with a concentration in Business Modeling and Economic Forecasting from the University of Houston. Later, he earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification and both Life and Health Insurance licenses.

When Pete retired, he found that his interest in economics, as well as his qualifications and particular insight, were a great fit for the team at Bogart Wealth. Having gone through the retirement process himself, he has served as a valuable resource for clients planning their own retirements – especially for those who plan to enjoy rewarding second careers as he does.

During his time at Exxon, Pete spent 7 years in research and development, 8 years in plant operations, 10 years in sales and marketing, and 9 years as a business advisor. During his time as a business advisor, he worked to identify best practices and then to spread those best practices around the world. Whether it was an analytical method for understanding customer needs or a better way to explain things to customers, Pete’s role was to find best practices and disseminate them.

This really all came down to training – training large groups on broad concepts; training small teams on specific topics; training one-on-one for task-level details. Again, training is not the end goal, but a means to an end: to implant best practices leading to organizational excellence.

In addition, the way ExxonMobil approached hiring was primarily through recruiting directly from college campuses. This was implemented through teams of volunteers who, in addition to their “day job”, spent time on campuses identifying and recruiting the best candidates. Pete was one of these volunteers and served on more than a dozen teams, eventually ending up as captain on one of the most successful teams. As a financial advisor at Bogart Wealth, Pete says that it has been gratifying to hear a number of people say, “You brought me into ExxonMobil, and it seems fitting that you help me transition out of ExxonMobil.”

Pete enjoys participating in a range of volunteer activities, including Rebuilding Together Houston, where he continues to participate on a team sponsored by ExxonMobil Chemical; The Stock Market Game, a program sponsored by the SIFMA Foundation that brings financial education to area schools; and the SBA Emerging Leaders Program, where he mentors small business owners endeavoring to grow their business.

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